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Shabir Ahluwalia
Transcripts of LIVE INDIATIMES CHAT with TV actor, Shabir Ahluwalia at 12 noon (IST) on Monday, November 14, 2005 in Mumbai

Shabir Ahluwalia
TV actor

"Natassha is a really close friend but I am not in love with her"

Mudassir7867 > I am your fan and now watch Kahin Toh Hoga just for Aamna and you? I love the way you perform- dialogue delivery, acting. Especially that moment when you just lift your right hand in anger and become wordless. This is quite similar to Shahrukh Khan's acting (please don't mind). In reply, please type my name i.e. Mudassir.
Shabir Ahluwalia > That lifting of my right hand is something I have been doing ever since I was very young. Thanks, Mudassir.

Shabiralhuwalia > Hey Shabir! You're rocking in the role of Rishi! Where have you disappeared from Kkavyanjali ? Also, want to know about your off screen relationship with (actress) Natassha. Did you say - 'I love you Nats ' - when you took an award? What do you think about (actor) Eijaz? Is there any girl in your life?
Shabir Ahluwalia > I have not disappeared. Before I return to Kkavyanjali once again, I have to fulfill some other commitments. Natassha is one of my closest friends. Yeah, I did say I love her because she is a really close friend of mine. But, there is no one in my life as of now. I think Eijaz is a sweet guy and a wonderful person to work with.

Lipssa > Hi Shabir, how are you? You are really a brilliant actor. You have a cute smile. Do you have any girlfriend? Do you reply to your fan mails? Do you remember me?
Shabir Ahluwalia > I am fine, thank you. Yes, I do remember you. I did get some emails from you and thanks so much; it's really sweet. I would love to reply to the emails but I don't get time. No, I don't have a girl friend.

Zaingilani > Who do you think is your inspiration?
Shabir Ahluwalia > Al Pachino. I really like the way he performs on screen.

Nikveryvery > Tell me Shabir, what's your relationship with Natasha. I think you are in love with her. If so, then please say.
Shabir Ahluwalia > No, I am not in love with her. We are really close friends.

Prerna > How do you like your character in Kahiin Toh Hoga ? You know very well that so many girls are crazy about you. What do you think about them?
Shabir Ahluwalia > How sweet! This is what I have been working for and it's good to know that people like me. I really love my character in Kahin Toh Hoga because I get to do as much as (my role) 'Rishi.' I get to make people laugh, cry and also flirt!

Laks > How did you feel when you came to know that your big B is leaving Kahin To Hoga ? I mean Rajeev.
Shabir Ahluwalia > I was a little disappointed but since it is a profession, we all have to move on.

Lili > Hi! How did you come about anchoring the show Nach Baliye and till now, how has been the experience? Why did you agree to anchor a dance show? Is it for the money?
Shabir Ahluwalia > I love dancing my self. As for anchoring, it was somewhere at the back of my mind to anchor a show. It was a proposal put forward by the channel. I was more than happy to do it. The experience has been awesome. I am having lots of fun on the show.

Majhi > Do you think Saurav Ganguly should now be rested and new people be given a chance in the Indian team? Who is your favourite cricketer? Asking you since you are a sportsman yourself.
Shabir Ahluwalia > My favourite cricketer would be Sachin Tendulkar. I don't know whether Ganguly should be rested or not, but one thing I am really happy about is that everyone is getting a really fair chance to play.

Prerna > Shabir, who is your favourite character on the sets?
Shabir Ahluwalia > There are quite a few Lalit (my uncle in the show), Swayam (Vikas Sethi), Sanjana (Dimple). Basically, every one.

Well_wisher > Hi Dude! How are you? What are your views about one religion and do you believe in GOD?
Shabir Ahluwalia > I am fine, thank you. My views on one religion and all religions are the same. I am a god fearing person.

Laks > Where do you want to see yourself - in movies or in TV - in the coming years? And yes, you dance well.
Shabir Ahluwalia > Either doesn't really make a difference, as long as I am loved and you guys log on to chat with me on Indiatimes. Thank you.

Prerna > Shabir, are you the same off screen the way you are in Kahin Toh Hoga?
Shabir Ahluwalia > No, I am the opposite. It doesn't mean that I don't like girls, but I am not a flirt.

Laks > Whom are you thankful to when you see yourself in the place you are today?
Shabir Ahluwalia > I am thankful to everyone, who crossed my path along the journey.

Lipssa > Where do you stay? Can you tell me about your family? What are your future plans? I went to Canada for six months. Any plans of migrating abroad?
Shabir Ahluwalia > I stay in Lokhandwala (Mumbai). I live with my family. My family consists of parents, my sister who is married and is in Delhi, my grandfather. And I have an elder brother. No future plans - taking it by the day. No plans, as of now.

Laks > If you were to change something in you, what would it be and why?
Shabir Ahluwalia > Nothing, I am really happy the way I am.

Well_wisher > What is your favourite colour? Shabir, do you have any e-mail address for your fans? Because we love you so much. God bless you.
Shabir Ahluwalia > . Favourite colour - red. Thank you. I love you all too.

Clod > Which sport did you play? Why did you quit sport? Any plans of getting back to sports?
Shabir Ahluwalia > No plans of getting back to sports. I used to play foot ball, cricket, base ball, badminton, squash. I quit because at that time opportunities were not that much (in sports).

Well_wisher > A bit serious one. Who would be your favourite 'Sujal' in Kahin To Hoga -.Rajeev or Gurpreet?
Shabir Ahluwalia > Both.

Gigs > What sort of roles do you like to play - negative or positive? Why?
Shabir Ahluwalia > I like to play grey shades more because there is lot more to do in it. It's more challenging.

Sign Off Message > Love you guys and play it safe. Love, Shabir