Rajeev Khandelwal, who won fans as Sujal in Balaji’s ‘Kahin to Hoga’ and later as Varun Awasthi in ‘Time Bomb’ confesses that he’s “looking forward to reinvent and grow.” And as ‘Time Bomb’ is all set to wrap up by the end of the month, Rajeev says that he hasn’t planned anything for the future. “I was offered  to play Varun Awasthi again in the sequel of ‘Time Bomb’ but I do not want to do the same thing again. So right now I am jobless,” he laughs.  He adds, “I tried to experiment with ‘Time Bomb’ and I am glad people enjoyed my work.”

Even though Rajeev is looking at Bollywood now he admits that he hasn’t yet been offered the perfect role. And what would that be? “It has to be a die hard romantic one,” he says passionately. Will he go back to playing Sujal in ‘Kahin to Hoga’ as the rumour mill goes? “Absolutely not,” he confirms. “I will not go back to Balaji. I have had my share of saas bahus.  I want to do something different. I also prefer doing one serial at a time,” he adds.

And what about romance? “Well, as I always said Aamna Sharif (his co-star in ‘Kahin to Hoga’) is a very good friend of mine, that’s all,” he signs off smilingly. For now the actor will leave for Matheran and take a break for a couple of months.