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Of stuck in the mud plots and tired tales
(Posted on 12 November 2005

It's definitely not an easy game to keep audiences glued to the idiot box, day after day, week on week. Especially, in today's environment, where the landscape is getting more colourful with more channels, differentiated programming, newer formats and better production quality than ever before. Though on the one hand, it sounds like a win-win situation for the audiences, but, the flip side is a TRP crazy environment that serial makers can never trust and an extremely restless and rather disloyal audience.

Monday night, I was on Zee's much hyped Time Bomb after a long time. I was very disappointed to see the plot still stuck to where it was a few weeks ago. Terrorist Akaash Deep seems to be inventing novel ways of torturing the hero Rajeev Khandelwal along with his family, who have been held captive for weeks now. Beyond that, nothing much seems to be happening in the serial. Somehow, the show seems to be lacking in punch and needs to beef up its act.
All a far cry from the first few episodes, which looked very promising; there was fast paced, gripping footage along with the use of split screen technology. Then, the starcast too, looked very impressive with the likes of Rajeev Khandelwal and Akaash Deep. An international political thriller on global terror, set in an Indian environment, was something that has not been tried here before. All that initial frisson seems to have seeped away.