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Kasautii's Sneha in Kahiin To Hoga

Jennifer Winget to play SvetlanA

Reena Thapar Kapoor

After getting noticed for her role as Sneha Bajaj in Kasautii Zindagi Kay, Jennifer Winget has now joined the Kahiin To Hoga troupe as well. “I've been with Balaji for almost a year now. I'm sure they've liked my work and that's the reason why they offered me to play Svetlana in Kahiin To Hoga,” says Winget.

Her character will not only add spice to the show but will make it more competitive. She will ensure that she makes a marked improvement in Swayam Shergill's (played by Vikas Sethi) negative personality. “The role just fell in my lap. In the show, I play Swayam's ex-girlfriend, who is extremely flamboyant,” she informs.

Svetlana will learn about her man's calculating moves and his desire to ruin Kashish's life. “She is determined to get her man back in her life. Her efforts multiply when she learns that Swayam and Mauli are getting close”, she adds. She will also join hands with Rishi to make sure that Swayam's plans fall flat.

Apparently, this character is completely opposite to what Jennifer has played in Kasautii... “Svetlana is very glamorous. Her look is contemporary. She is very different from what I am in real life,” says Jennifer.

The actress says that she is open to the idea of doing a negative role. “My character in Kahiin To Hoga isn't completely negative but who knows what turn it will take?” She feels that for an actress it's very important to play different characters and says, “I was getting fed up of playing the goody-two-shoes Sneha. Playing a grey character like Svetlana is a refreshing change.” Her character in the show was introduced in last night's episode. “I've received many compliments on my look and my performance in the show.”