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Aamna Shariff

Transcript of LIVE INDIATIMES CHAT with TV actress, Aamna Shariff at 12 noon on Monday, November 7, 2005 in Mumbai

Aamna Shariff
TV actress

"I don't know how to drive, I am very scared of heights and I eat a lot "

Awais > Eid Mubarak Aamna! Let's start with the name of Allah . Any prayers or thanks for giving you so much fame?
Aamna Shariff > I don't just pray on the Eid . I thank God every single night before I go off to sleep, for everything he has given me .

Sujal_kashish_4eva > Hi, I'm Jaspreet from Canada. I love you a lot. Are you planning to do any other serial with Rajeev in the near future because I'm waiting so patiently to see you together? Both of you have great chemistry on screen. Is it the same off screen?
Aamna Shariff > We are best of friends off screen, and we do share a good friendship chemistry together. We will be doing something together early next year, may be a film or a serial; that's a surprise! Thanks for the compliment.

Madhu > Hi Aamna, you have got lovely hands. How do you maintain them? Where do you pick up your clothes from in real life?
Aamna Shariff > Thanks. My hands are something, which is given to me by my mom, as she has very beautiful hands. My personal clothes are from a designer called Rumana, and also from Rakhi and Gavin Miguel.

Sujal_kashish_4eva > What do you like doing in your spare time? When are you planning to get married?
Aamna Shariff > I love shopping. I love going on long drives and I love eating. I will get married the day my dream man comes up and proposes to me, the way I always dreamt of.

Kali > Hi Aamna, what's this on and off friendship with Rajeev? We are really curious. Are you two seeing each other or not? Is it that you two have drifted apart?
Aamna Shariff > We were never seeing each other to be still on or off, and where in my relation ship is concerned with him, that will never be off because he will always be a my best friend .

Jili > You keep denying that there is nothing between Rajeev and you but the media prints your pictures together and calls you both as girl friends and boyfriends. What do you have to say to that?
Aamna Shariff > Media keeps printing we are not on talking terms. So, if we believe everything that media says, I should have been married to six different people by now.

Ehaabii > I heard that you are going to leave Kahin To Hoga. Is it true?
Aamna Shariff > No plans as of now, but I will be taking other work as well .

Clod > Do you miss Rajeev not being there in Kahin To Hoga ? Which 'Sujal' was better- Rajeev or Gurpreet?
Aamna Shariff > Yes, I do miss Rajeev on the show. No comments on the second question.

Aimen91 > Aamna, please answer my question. I am such a big fan of yours. Tell me, if you are offered a role in Karan Johar's film and a role in Yash Chopra's film, which one will you do?
Aamna Shariff > Thanks so much. I would see which role is better but my first preference will be Yash Chopra.

Sadaf > If your current serial Kahiin To Hoga makes a 20 year leap, will you still be there?
Aamna Shariff > No, I will not .

Rising angel > Do you like Gurpreet as a person and a co-star? Don't say that you are professional because we know that.
Aamna Shariff > To know him very well, it's too less a time because we have just started working but yes, he is a good person.

Sujal_kashish_4eva > Why do you wear a wig when you have such beautiful hair?
Aamna Shariff > That's my hair, it's not a wig.

Swiftdeer > Hey Aamna, you've got an awesome figure! How many boyfriends do you have?
Aamna Shariff > Thanks, I would wish to have 100 of them running behind me but, I have none .

Awais > What is the difference between Indian and Pakistani fans?
Aamna Shariff > For me fans they are all equals. They are all lovely but Pakistani fans are a bit more expressive. Still, I love them (my fans) all .

Ehaabii > Aamna Baji , what's your email address?
Aamna Shariff >

Sujal_kashish_4eva > If Rajeev proposes to you, will you say yes? Please tell us.
Aamna Shariff > Well, depends on the day and my mood .

Prerna > Are you comfortable with Gurpreet?
Aamna Shariff > Yes, I am.

Sadaf > Is Bollywood your next step or you are satisfied with TV? Any Bollywood films on offer?
Aamna Shariff > Yes, there are lots of Bollywood offers; planning to choose the right one.

Shruti19921009 > Hi Aamna, who is your favourite actor and actress?
Aamna Shariff > Favorite actor - Aamir Khan; Actress- Kajol.

Sadaf > What is the thing in men that attracts you the most? Which is more important - the intellectual beauty or the physical one?
Aamna Shariff > Intellectual beauty. I think the way the man presents himself, his ethics, values, manners.

Mallika > Hi Aamna, why do you also ignore questions that ask you about Rajeev or Gurpreet? Who's your personal favourite?
Aamna Shariff > Of course Rajeev because I know him for a long time.

Varsha > So Aamna, tell something interesting about your personal life.
Aamna Shariff > I don't know how to drive, I am very scared of heights and I eat a lot .

Hello > Hey Aamna, I am Sumit. You act very well but aren't you getting bored with the role of ' Kashish' now? It has gone too long for you now?
Aamna Shariff > Thanks. I agree with you, and that's the reason I am planning to do some different work.

Ehaabii > Will we ever see Rajeev back in Kahin To Hoga ?
Aamna Shariff > I don't think so .

Madhu > Hi Aamna, this is Madhura. I think you are a very good actress? How do you manage to do those heavy-duty crying scenes?
Aamna Shariff > Thanks. It was very difficult initially but once you get into the character, you cry automatically.

Madhu > Hi Aamna, where did you spend your childhood and what have you studied?
Aamna Shariff > I spent my childhood in Mumbai. I studied in St. Ann's (Mumbai).

Heartbreakkid > Who would you want your co-star to be, in your debut film?
Aamna Shariff > Rajeev Khandelwal .

Coolkitten > Do you find creative satisfaction in Kahin To Hoga ( the present track)?
Aamna Shariff > There is something different coming up in Kahin To Hoga . So waiting for that .

Aimen91 > Hey Aamna, if you had to pick between a role with Shahrukh Khan in a film and a role with Rajeev in a film, which one would you choose and why?
Aamna Shariff > It would be Rajeev because I think he is a brilliant actor and I would share a beautiful on screen chemistry with him.

Tonima > Hi Aamna! I'm from Bangladesh. Do you know there is a lot die-heart fans for you here?
Aamna Shariff > How sweet, thank you so much and I hope that you keep loving me like this for ever .

Neeraj > When will you reunite with 'Sujal'?
Aamna Shariff > I think, it will take a while .

Nafisa > What was your reaction when you heard that Rajeev was gonna quit Kahin To Hoga?
Aamna Shariff > I didn't feel too good. I didn't want him to quit .

Madhu > Hi, who is your best friend on the sets right now among the male co-stars?
Aamna Shariff > Shabbir Ahluwalia (Rishi).

Notorious > You are gonna act forever?
Aamna Shariff > Yes, right now I plan to act for quite sometime.

Heartbreakkid > In Tellywood, who would be your dream date?
Aamna Shariff > Rajeev Khandelwal .

Mimi > With likes of Kareena around, do you think you can repeat your TV success in films? How?
Aamna Shariff > I think everything is possible. One has to just make the right move and that's why I am waiting for the right film offer .

Sign Off Message > Thanks a lot for giving your precious time to me, and loving me so much. Always love me the same way because I need it. Very soon I will be back on Indiatimes! Love, Aamna.